Our Values

Virtuous Circle is a team of talented, dedicated and versatile video consultants and producers. We came together with the common goal of knocking down the barriers to quality of video production that most businesses encounter.

Whether you are looking to promote your business to new customers or figure out a way to streamline your own business processes, our team can flesh out exactly what you need and also deliver the best video product faster and less expensive than any other video team.

Why Us?

Video is a very time consuming, expensive and tricky medium that has become the most important way to communicate in the digital and business world. Not every company has the time, experience or resources to produce quality video content.

We commit ourselves to becoming a part of your team; to understand your goals and message. We then can provide you the best video service without you having to exhaust any resources or strain your budget.

Our Team

Our staff has decades of experience in broadcast and digital media. Everyone who you come into contact with at Virtuous Circle has the ability to take a project from conception to distribution.

Aaron Weisberg


Adam Dew


Mike Steinberg