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The Virtuous Circle Difference

The difference between Virtuous Circle Media and all of our competitors is content. We are video producers with decades of experience in the digital video industry who prepare tirelessly so that your organization can concentrate on what you do best. We provide all of the video services you need to accomplish your goals. When you work with us you have access to writers, producers, videographers and editors who can take you through every step of the production process from conception to distribution.

We focus on professional and trade associations to produce dynamic content that allows you to engage with your current and your next generation of members. We understand the budget and resource strains that your association might face and have built a specific business model that gives you access to the highest quality of video production at a fraction of the price of our competition.

Our goal is to break down the barriers that exist to create the best video production for you and your members. Cut through all of the middle-people and work directly with the professionals who can deliver.

Association Benefits


Use the power of your Association to significantly reduce the high costs associated with video production.

Amplify Your Message

Video solutions that promote membership engagement. Give your social media, e-newsletter and websites a huge boost by including regular video content.

Serve Your Members

Add to your current membership benefits the same professional quality video production services for their own businesses and create a new revenue stream for your organization

Brand Awareness and Content Marketing

When you work with Virtuous Circle Media we can create a program that allows you to share our services with your membership. We will teach your members and the industry partners who serve them about the power of video and how they can integrate content in their marketing strategies.

Your members will receive discounts of up to 60% by just being a member of your association. Allowing them to maximize their marketing budget for the entire year.

Virtuous Circle Media is the effective content production engine that you and your members need to create dynamic, fresh video marketing. We take care of all of the prohibitive factors that keep your brand from entering or expanding its digital presence. We are your "in-house" team of digital-savvy producers and editors with industry-specific expertise who can execute any type of production without straining any of your resources

Production Process


Your company has complete access to our staff of video producers, shooters and editors who have worked with the biggest brands in North America.

Scripting and Storyboarding

We kickstart the creative process with our proven templates. After a short introduction we will have a working script ready for your approval.


Quality video production has never been this affordable. With Virtuous Circle and your Association, your company can feature an entire library of video content for the price of making a single video.


What We Do

Our promise is to give you the highest quality video content without you having to lift a finger. You become our the executive producer with access to the latest advances in video production from drones to 4K cameras and all you have to do is approve the content.

We will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end until you have a piece of video content ready to share with your audience. No need to invest in high-priced equipment or burden your staff with any more responsibilities.

Event Promotion

Increase attendee and exhibitor registration and attendance with engaging content completely written and produced by Virtuous Circle Media and approved by you.

Engage All Year

Just one shoot with Virtuous Circle Media can yield an entire year's worth of content for your social media, e-mail communications and website. We will work with you to schedule an entire editorial calendar so you can stay one step ahead of your content schedule and always keep in touch with your target audience.

Daily and Event Recaps

Reach your attendees or keep those who can't attend with timely recaps of all of the day's events. Get a glimpse of keynote speakers, special sessions, the exhibit floor as well as social and network opportunities each day of the event or at the end of your conference.

Awards and Recognition

Highlight some of your top members, vendors and sponsors with an award video. You recognize the best of your association every year now you can include a video for them to share with their networks to extend your association's footprint.

Live Streaming

With the growing popularity of platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Periscope, attract a remote audience of current and prospective members to your events with live streaming. We have the power to produce professional multi-camera live productions at your next event.

Corporate Branding and Product Demonstrations

Let your members reach their customers through the power of video. Offer deeply discounted video content production.

Our Team

The Virtuous Circle Team came together 15 years ago as three broadcast media professionals transitioning into the digital media world. We bring the same high energy and drive to each one of our clients whether it is a large broadcast or cable network or a local trade association with a limited budget.

Aaron Weisberg


Adam Dew

VP Operations

Michael Steinberg

VP Production

We have a growing network of trusted producers, editors and videographers who can be anywhere in the United States on short notice which helps us keep your costs down.

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